Minimum wage set to 0.01 CMC. The new work formula is WAGE * FINAL PRODUCTIVITY
Please check out the company page info, the requirements for production have increased (less stock in the future hopefuly).
NEWS: Working for the Government now require Base productivity / 20 and working for companies require Final Productivity / 50
Note: The 3 consecutive day work bonus is back. It only applies to users who work for companies!

Please Enter the number of productivity points you wish to buy:

You can buy one productivity point for the amount of 0.25 euro

The money from purchasing productivity points are transferred to the Government Fund. Productivity points fall each day by 0.35%.

You cannot acquire more than 1000 Base productivity points.

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You can work NOW!
You have less than 250 final productivity so you can only work for the Government.
You can use the training options on the left to raise your productivity faster!

The Government pays a wage of 0.03 CMC and you will be able to get 0.5 productivity bonus after working.
The required oil for working for the government is base productivity/20.
Type: Government Company
Accounting Work
Owner: Government