Are you ready to manage your own business and compete with others in a virtual world?
Join the world of Corporations and build your own economic adventure!

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Win Real Money:
Earn real money in a game that simulates real economy! All currency may be converted into Real Money. Here you can test your business and managerial skills.
Work each day:
The government repays the citizens who work each day with a salary and productivity points. This will help develop your character and have a greater income.
Manage companies:
Produce and trade goods. Upgrade and manage your companies for more profit. Become an important investor and a renown company manager!
Enter the Arena:
The Arena is the place where you can unleash your power! Fight and challenge your opponents to receive bonuses depending on your rank.
Be a Corporation Master:
Create your own corporation and team up with players in order to dominate the weekly War against the Government!
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